Nestled in the Clear Fork Valley of North Central Ohio.  42 Years of Producing and Selling Quality Christmas Trees

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Kleerview Farm consist of 230 acres, some in Christmas trees and the remainder is farmed to feed the 45 Angus brood cows.  Kevin and  Debbie started planting the first Christmas trees in 1981, with the help of Kevinís grandfather, Frank Kleer.  One thousand trees were planted  on one acre that year and we have been slowly expanding every year.

     We now plant 4,000 trees every spring to keep the production of 28,000 trees on 25 acres. Our first trees were harvested in 1986. We plant White pine, Scotch, Blue and Serbian Spruce, Canaan Firs, and Fraser Fir.

kleerview christmas trees

     In 1976 we purchased our first herd of Holstein cattle, which began 24 years in the dairy business.  The milking herd was liquidated in 2000.  Today we run 45 head of registered Angus cattle. Registered cattle are all bred artificially.  The cattle graze on 62 acres of pasture broke into six paddocks, with a winter paddock close to the barn.  We harvest 115 acres of hay to feed the cattle and sell locally.

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In 2022, 70% of the trees sold were Firs, followed by 30% White pine, Scotch, and Spruce.  Our trees went to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, Georgia, and 47 different communities in Ohio.

      Our operation has been a true family affair, this year you will see the fifth generation helping with our sales. It started with Great Grandpa Frank helping to plant. Great Grandpa Kleer and Great Grandpa Banks help with mowing and tree sales, while Great Grandma Banks cooks and feeds the crew.  Our two children Nathan and Andrea have added their spouses, Brie and Dave, to the labor force, and in 2010 Dave and Andreaís daughter Emma started as one of our greeters at the Christmas tree barn, and in 2013 their son Chad started helping as well.

kleerview christmas trees

Kleer View Farm

2454 Baughman Rd.
Bellville, OH 44813

2:00-5:00 Mon - Fri
Weekends 9am-5pm

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