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We are currently running a 45 cow registered Angus herd.  We don't currently have any calves for sale.  The registered herd here at Kleerview was started in 2007 and is presently made up 45 young Angus females and 2 Registered Angus breeding bulls.

kleerview angus cows

kleerview angus cows Registered cows and heifers are all bred AI and then pasture exposed to one of our bulls.
The cattle are rotated throughout the summer on 62 acres of pasture broke into five different paddocks.

Hay is fed through out the winter with the young stock supplemented with corn.  We are currently 100% natural beef with absolutely no hormones or feed additives used on the farm. 

kleerview angus cows

kleerview farm angus cow
Daughter of SAV Final Answer

kleerview farm angus cow
Daughter of SAV Pioneer

kleerview farm angus cow
Daughter of SAV Priority

                  angus cows

Spring 2022

We had 57 calves born this year, including 1 set of twins.

Spring 2021

We had 62 calves born this year, including 5 sets of twins, which tied our record from 2018.

Spring 2018

Overall we had 67 calves born this year, including 5 sets of twins, which is a new record for us.

Spring 2017

Our first experience with embryo transplants was fairly successful, with 75% success rate out of 4 embryos, resulting in two heifers and one bull calf.

Overall we had 67 calves born this year, including 3 sets of twins.

Spring 2016

Calving season has begun here at Kleerview.  The first two were nice heifer calves out of Sav Brilliance, and the third a super nice bull calf out of 44 Envision. Only 64 more to go.

We still have a three yearling bulls for sale, two out of TenX, and one out of 1407.

Summer 2015

Calving season almost finished with 51 calves on the ground so far and a few more expected soon.  All of the breeding bulls from 2014 have been sold and we've retained three from the 2015 crop for next year's sale.  Very challenging calving season this spring due to the wet weather.

Summer 2014

In the fall of 2013 we retained all of our steers from the herd and put them in our feedlot, this is something we have never done, so we were able to see how they are finishing out, and how our genetics are working, we have been very impressed with the results. Due to these results we have kept back seven bulls from this years crop to offer for breeding bulls next year. As of now all heifer calves will stay to enter the herd in the future.

Fall of 2012

It will soon be time to wean all of our calves, they look great, you would never know how hot and dry this summer was by the growth they have obtained, it just shows what good mother cows we have.  All of our breeding bulls have been sold and we plan to raise four or five more for next year, we have 17 registered heifers that will be kept to add to the herd.


Spring of 2012

We would like to thank our new customers from Bucyrus and Morrow county on their purchase of feeder calves.
In March we welcome our new bull "Rito" , he is a Protetge son out of a Predestined daughter, we purchased from Wehrmann Angus.  Rito will be used as needed in the registered herd to improve the carcass value of our calves.  Manny will be moved to the commercial herd this year due to the loss of our Objective bull.  Our three yearling bulls kept from the registered herd, look very promising, they will soon be weighed and ultra sounded for carcass traits, and looking for new homes to pass on their quality genetics.

September 2011

Calving season is over and we have a beautiful group of calves.  OJ has proven to be the great bull we thought he was.  Manny's calves are looking very nice , but our AI'd calves have shown us the biggest genetic improvement.  We have retained three bull calves to be offered for seed stock next year.  Congratulation to the Stillion family of Bellvile, who now own our Designer bull .  Weaning will start soon.

January 9,2010, We would like to thank Mike Temple and Jake Williams on their purchase of feeders and some replacement heifers out of our old bull Elvis he is a Precision 161, he has now been sold the Weemhoff family of Bellville.  Two of our fall calves a New Design 1407 out of Final Answer, and a Precision 161 out of GAR Ultimate will be raised for breeding purposes.

We now have our breeding stratagies for the 2010 season in place, with the purchase of Manny, a son of SAV Mandan 5664, from the SAV Ranch of North Dakota, he will be used on a few two year old commercial heifers, then exposed to the registered herd after they have first been AI 'd to Bismark .  Another bull was purchased from Wayview Farms he is a son of SS Objective, he will see use in the commercial herd where we are expecting to see his genetics put fast growth on calves.

A TC Total son that was purchased this spring from the TC Ranch in Nebraska.  AI bulls used in were SAV Networth, SAV Traveler 004, Mytty In Focus and SAV Final Answer.  Bulls used in the commercial herd in 2009 were a young bull purchased from Wayview Farms out of DR J Analyst, and Twins Valley Precision E161 son, from the Hall herd in Greenville, Ohio.

                    cows kleerview farm

                    cows kleerview farm

                    cows kleerview farm

                    cows kleerview farm

                    cows kleerview farm

                    cows kleerview farm

Kleer View Farm

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