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Fall 2022

The Christmas house will be open once again this year for tours on the weekends, weather permitting.
We planted an additional 4,200 trees and added over an acre for tree production.
We had two reindeer born this year, Mitzi and Jasper.
Due to supply limitations our supply of precut trees will be extremely limited this year.
We will be offering Kleerview t-shirts and hoodies in our Gift Shop.
The weather has been challenging this year, too dry at first and too wet later on, which has caused some stress in some of the trees.

Fall 2021

The Christmas house will be open once again this year for tours on the weekends, weather permitting.
We planted an additional 4,000 trees and added another acre for tree production.
We had five reindeer born this year, Ivy, Ribbon, Nutmeg, Diamond, and Hope.
Due to supply limitations our supply of precut trees will be extremely limited this year.
We will be offering Kleerview t-shirts and hoodies in our Gift Shop.
New for the kiddos this year, the Hillbilly Treadmill.

Fall 2020

COVID-19 Safety Plan
We at Kleerview Farm are committed to the safety of our customers and our staff.  We have designed the following plan to keep everyone safe. Please follow the guidelines established below.

What we ask of you
  • Customers should only visit the farm when they are healthy. Please ensure that you and your party do not have a fever or any of the other COVID-19 symptoms.
  • During your visit to our farm we ask all customers to keep a 6-foot distance between your party and others. Masks are requested to be worn if this is not possible.
  • Masks are required when visiting the gift shop and in line to checkout.
  • Please sanitize your hands regularly during your visit to our farm with the many stations available for your use.

Our commitment to you

  • Our staff will be wearing masks at all times when interacting with our customers.
  • Our employees will have daily health checks to ensure they are free of symptoms of COVID-19.
  • We have added additional sanitation stations located throughout our high traffic areas, and encourage customers and staff to use them.
  • We will be cleaning our high traffic areas regularly throughout the day and ensure to you that extra cleaning will be done before opening and after closing each day on our farm.
  • We will be offering wagon rides around the farm, but will not be touring the Christmas House this year due to social distancing. On the wagon rides we will be limiting the number of customers per wagon and ask that you wear a mask if you can not social distance from others outside of your party. Wagon will be sanitized between rides.

Kleerview Farm understands this has been a difficult year for everyone, and we want you to experience a very enjoyable holiday season, that is why we have taken these extra steps to give you the opportunity to be safe, make memories with your family, and have a very Merry Christmas.

Santa will be here on the weekends, but he will be social distancing from the porch. Bring your letters for Santa to put in his mailbox.

Fall 2019

We planted an additional two acres of trees, with an acre and a half being on the former Pebble Creek Golf Course.
We had four reindeer babies born this year, three females and a male. We added a third trailer for reindeer events, and we've scheduled 40 events for 2019.
Due to the muddy parking conditions last year, we've spent $3,600 upgrading our parking facilities.

kleerview farm christmas tree planting

Fall 2018

Planted 4,000 trees this spring, which was our most ever. This added two more acres of trees as we have to keep expanding.
Three reindeer babies were born on the farm this year, all of which were males. We're hoping to sell one or two of them this fall.
We added another trailer for reindeer events, and we've already got over 30 events scheduled for the upcoming season.
We also built a hot chocolate shed next to Santa's Barnyard Express to offer coffee, donuts, and of course hot chocolate.

Fall 2016

Enjoying the cooler weather this fall, after such a hot summer.  The trees look great.  Tagging will begin October 21, you can find tags and markers on the porch, tagging can be done at your convenience.  We are working on finalizing new family activities for the season.  We have been working with the reindeer babies preparing them to go out on displays.  Kevin is finishing up the 5th cutting of hay.  Chad and Kevin set up the weaning pen for the cattle, as soon as all the calves are coming in for grain we will separate them from their mothers, then  it gets real noisy around here.  I started decorating the house with many new themes.  We will have two tractors pulling wagons to the Christmas house this year.  Stop in at the new office we are offering Christmas ornaments to go with your tree.

Summer 2016
This has been a very busy summer.  Making 1st cut hay was a challenge
in between the rain showers, 2nd cutting was mowed and baled much faster, because of little rain, now we need the rain to guarentee our third cut is sufficient.  July was a month full of activites, it started off with Dave and Andrea hosting a wonderful 4th of July party at the pond with a hog roast and fireworks.  We took one of our sleighs to Toledo to celebrate a Christmas in July wedding.  Kevin and I attended the Ohio Christmas tree state meetings and picked up our tree supplies for the season.  Kevin checked off one of his bucket list items when he and Emma went on a hot air balloon ride.  They took off from the farm and were in the air for an hour, then landed in a friends hay field to the amusement of their cattle.
Nate, Brie, Kevin and I took two reindeer to a wonderful Christmas in July party in Canton, this was the first time we have taken them out in the summer.  The reindeer looked awsome with their massive antlers in velvet. Kevin has been working hard trimming the trees.  Aunt Darlene has been working with the new baby reindeer and they are leading well.  I have been picking up some new items for the Christmas house at garage sales, it will soon be time to start decorating.

Spring 2016

Christmas tree planting was a challenge this spring. Not only have we planted the most trees ever in one year, at 4,500, we planted in a snowstorm, in the rain, in wind gusts, took a week off from planting because it rained every day, and then back to planting. One morning Kevin and I planted trees under the watchful eyes of two bald eagles.  Finally with the help of family and friends the trees are all in the ground.  So here's hoping for a good growing season, and just think these trees will be ready for you to harvest in 2024.

Winter 2015/16
A big thank you to all of our customers in 2015. We had a super year of tree sales. The Holiday Hope trees were a huge success, all trees found loving homes.  The weather was so nice we were able to run wagon rides to the Christmas house eight out of 9 days, ran almost 1,100 folks over the house in 45 trips.  Big thanks to our crew.  They did a wonderful job considering how busy we were.  Hopefully everyone had a super experience here and hope to see everyone in 2016.

p.s.  We're already planning new attractions for Christmas of 2016.

Summer of 2015
It's been a very wet year so far, which has been extremely challenging for making hay, calving, and trimming. Kevin finally was able to finish trimming in August.  We have a couple new reindeer that were born in April, bringing the total to five.  We've got some exciting new projects in the works for this Christmas.  We've purchased an antique tractor for display and for the kids to climb and play on this year.  We are also very excited to be able to offer some Concolor Precut Firs this year, which is a first for us.

Summer of 2014
After six weeks in the trees shearing Kevin has finally finished,
he did enjoy the cooler temperatures this year. Our newly transplanted seedlings our doing well and we did not have any late spring frost to effect new growth on the older trees, although we did lose all of our Douglas firs to winter kill. All other trees are doing great we will have some very tall White pines to offer this year. Kevin and his dad have been working on a new project for the kids to enjoy this year, a playground size train set, be sure to allow enough time to play when you come to pick out your tree.

Fall of 2013

With all the rain we have had this year you would think everything
 would be well.  The cows did great harvesting pasture fields
it is the middle of October and we have not had to supplement with
hay, that is good because we lost a cutting of hay on most hay fields,
to wet to get in the field.
New seedlings planted in the spring did well with the moisture we had,
until the flood waters came and then we lost many.  The white pines and firs can not take wet roots so we have lost many larger trees.
In March we welcomed our first grandson, Dave and Andrea had
Chad, he is already helping do chores from his stroller and checking the cows from his car seat on the gator.
This summer while Grandpa Kleer and Bonnie were here they took on the project of restoring our antique sleigh, it will be finished and on display in Santa's Barnyard Express barn.
To make your visit to our farm an exciting experience we have tried to add something different every couple years, this year we have purchased three reindeer.  They will be very happy to greet you at their new barn.  We have only had them since September but have become very attached, their personalities are very unique.  We hope to continue to raise them and in the future offer to display them at other events.

September 2012

It has been a long hot summer, unfortunately eighty percent of the trees you see Nate, Brie and Jared planting have died, that means we pretty much lost a year production.  Kevin was sure happy when he finished the trimming 90 and 100 degree days made it hard to get much acomplished. The only good thing about the lack of rain was we did not have to mow very often.  Dave spent most of the summer rebuilding a pond behind the Christmas house, it took more work and time than we expected but he did enjoy running the track hoe and dozer. Andrea was able to attend the summer Christmas tree meetings with Kevin and I, we enjoyed the demonstrations on wreath decorating and hope to use the new ideas. The whole family just returned from North Carolina where we tagged the pre cut fir trees we will offer this year, we had a great time and were able to visit some beautiful tree farms.

planting trees in 2012

Spring 2012
The first of April and we have planted 2000 seedlings, just think it will be 7 to10 years before harvest.  All trees have been sprayed, and now the mowing starts.  We hope to avoid heavy frost damage but many trees have broke bud early because of the warm weather, here in the valley we can see frost through the end of May.
                      planting spring 2012

September 20,2011
New this year at the farm will be a wagon ride to tour our decorated farm house.  Weather permitting on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the Christmas season you will be able to take a wagon ride to our 100 plus year old farm house that will have all 10 rooms fully decorated, with seven live trees, you will get some great ideas.
September 2011
Can you believe it 110 days till Christmas!  The trees are looking great.  We purchased a mechanical tree planter in April and planted another acre of new seedlings.  Kevin recieved a gas powered trimmer for his birthday , he sure enjoyed trimming trees this year.  We recently returned from the National Christmas tree convention where we met many tree growers from all over the U.S. and attended two days of seminars, we came home with many new and exciting ideas.  We are working on a couple of these now and we will give you all the information when plans are finalized.
March 2011
Christmas season went well, it was  good to meet a lot of new customers and see all of our repeat customers. Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and enjoyed their REAL tree.  Thank you to the Mt. Gilead Lions Club for all of their help during tree sales, and to our family and friends who did an excellent job cutting, shaking, baling, and loading trees, and to Penny and the girls running the office.  See action photos in photo gallery.  Congratulations to Carol Merritt and family, and to Mary Crider and family on winning a free Christmas tree, see their pictures in the photo gallery.  We have drawn two more winners for a tree in 2011.  Unfortunately we were hit hard by the flood in February, with tons of debris in the tree fields.  It took us three weeks to get the trees cleaned up, we had to take rakes and hoes and comb mud and debris from each tree that was flooded, some rows of trees were in water over five foot deep.  The first week of April means it is time to plant the new seedlings, we are going to add another acre of trees, but as I write this we are getting snow. April also is the start of calving season hopefully we have warmer weather.

October 22,2010
Just checked the web site it says 63 days till Christmas, can't believe it.  The fields of trees have been mowed for the last time this year, we hope.  Trees look good, we will have some pre cut 8 to 10 foot firs this year.  All hay equipement has been put away for the year we baled up until October 10, the cows are gleaning the last of the pastures before being put in their winter pasture, we plan to wean the first batch of calves the first week of November.  Put tags out last weekend, have had many people taking advantage of the nice weather and tagging now.  We look forward to Kevin's dad Gene coming north and helping us with tree sales this year hopefully the weather will treat him kindly.
August 1,2010
Kevin started trimming trees June 14th, it has been a long process with all the heat and humidity this summer.  Jared our neighbor has been alot of help this summer, he helped me with the 2nd cutting of hay and the mowing in the trees so Kevin could stay in the trees and trim. July 1st, OJ our Objective bull went in the field with the commercial cows and Manny our Mandan bull went in with a pen of heifers.  Kevin will AI the registered herd until August 15, then Manny will be moved in with them.  We purchased more land to our east this spring which had a small pond on it, which is something Kevin has always wanted.  So in their spare time Kevin and Dave, our son-in-law, and Dave's employer Jackson and Sons, have rebuilt the dam and enlarged the pond.  It has been alot of work but it looks great, and we have enjoyed spending time fishing, swimming, and boating. Kevin finished trimming the trees July 30, he is glad that job is done.  Now he is mowing the first three fields of our third cutting of hay.
May 1,2010
Sorry it has been so long since our last up date, I was beginning to think winter would never end.  Byler Construction has been here and finished residing our large bank barn it is now a white barn instead of red, matching the house and garage.  April 1, the new seedings were planted, but some went almost three weeks with out any rain.  During our first time mowing through the trees we have noticed large numbers of losses. The registered herd is almost done calving with two Networth, seven InFocus, two Traveler, and two Full Proof calves, they were turned out of the barn on grass April 30 and these calves are having fun running all around the field. The commercial herd sarted calving the third week in April our first cow delivered a set of twin heifers but would only accept one, we were able to find another cow to take one along with her own calf.  I have two calves I am bottle feeding until we find them an adoptive mother.
January 9,2010
The fields have been cleaned and all the equipment has been put away for an other season.  Kevin has ordered the seedlings (2,000) that we will be planting in April.  The trees are now covered in a blanket of snow, about 8 inches, and will be resting until spring.  It is our slow time at the farm mainly just doing chores twice a day, sometimes morning and evening chores can run into each other with lots of snow and cold it takes so long to bed everyone down and keep water fresh and not frozen and those cows are sure eating lots of hay.

December  30, 2009
We at Kleerview hope your holidays were wonderful!   We would like to thank all of our customers on their purchase of a Kleerview Christmas tree, and welcome to all the new people who found us this year, 2009 Christmas tree season was very sucessful for us, we set a record for number of trees sold in one day at 151 that is moving alot of trees, the nice thing is it went so smoothly due to the help of Penny, Steven and Jared, and our great     helpers from the Lions Club. Thirty-five percent of the trees sold were Firs, thirty percent were White pines, twenty peercent were Blue/White spruces and fifteen percent were Scotch pines, these trees went to 44 different communities with two going to Michigan and Georgia.  Santa's barnyard animals were a big hit with kids and adults, the animals enjoyed your visits especially Bell and Star.  We will be posting new pictures of the season soon. Kevin and I would especially like to thank our family for all their help we couldn't do this with out you.

November 15,
The holidays are fast approaching.  We have been busy getting all equipment out and running. We have added our lamb Merry, to the barnyard friends, see picture below of Emma feeding her treats.  We would like to again welcome the Lions Club of Mt.Gilead, they will be helping us with tree sales.


October 25,2009
Mowing in the trees is done for the year.  We are seeing a few trees being tagged.  Kevin has found damage in the small firs from deer rubbing on the branches, he read about putting up caution tape around the areas being hit, so he is trying this, we will see if it really keeps the deer away.  We have weaned all calves in the registered herd, at the end of the month we will be weighing them to check their growth.  Purchased three more registered heifers at the Angus Showcase Sale, two of them are due to calve in November, that will make five fall babies, you will probably see them romping in the pasture along side the tree lot west of the house.  Notified the two winners of a free Christmas tree in 2009, if you didn't hear from us sign up again this year. We would like to give a special THANK YOU! to our neighbors Mike Feilon, and Eric Sparks, for their encouragement and expertise in designing and getting this web site up and running.

October 4,2009
Fall has arrived.  We thought we were mowing for the final time thru the trees, but with this rain and 80 degree temperatures we will probably be mowing again.  Kevin is going thru the trees giving them their final check before harvest.  While mowing I saw many depressions in the dirt at the base of the trees where the turkeys have been dusting.  This week we added two more members to our Barnyard Express.  Holly is a miniature donkey, and Prancer is a  brown and white rabbit.  Emma has enjoyed the addition of these two when she is here to help do chores.

Kevin and I have been putting a lot of time in the barns building more pens, adding waterers and putting the livestock scales together.  It will soon be time to wean the calves, if you are here tagging a tree this explains all the extra noise you hear.


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