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Santa's Barnyard Express

calf kleerview farm

                      farm barnyard express donkey
Jack Frost

Since 2009 Kleerview Farm has featured SANTA’S BARNYARD EXPRESS.  In the front barn you will be able to visit with some of Santa’s barnyard friends, including Jack Frost the miniature donkey, Spice the miniature horse, and 2 noisy ducks.  We also have our rabbits, Rascal and Snowball.
In addition we usually have a few reindeer babies around, and an Angus calf or two.
Be sure to stop by and let the kids say hello.

Santa's Elf Playground

A new addition to this area is Santa's Elf Playground. This is a new holiday display with a few animated rides where you can see Elves playing, relaxing, and riding on an animated Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and a teeter totter.

santas barnyard
Brett & Katie visiting with Belle

Kleer View Farm

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Santa's Barnyard

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